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Pediatrician for ADHD in Newport, TN

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD as it is commonly called, is one of the most common conditions affecting children. If your loved ones are suffering from ADHD, you’re certainly not alone and medical experts can help. Families who need assistance with ADHD in Newport, TN, can get in touch with Dr. Samuel Puckett, Dr. Bolling Brawley, and Dr. Jennifer Sauceman at Newport Pediatrics. It’s crucial to address ADHD as quickly as possible so that you can minimize its impact on your child’s development. The right choices now could pay off for years to come.

Understanding ADHD and How It Could Impact Your Child

The American Psychiatry Association reports that roughly 8.5% of children and 2.5% of adults suffer from ADHD. As such, it is one of the most common mental disorders in the world. Unfortunately, ADHD can have numerous negative effects on kids and their parents.

Often, ADHD is first noticed when a child enrolls in school. Children suffering from ADHD can struggle to focus and may act out in class. Kids may suffer from lower self-esteem, poor educational attainment, difficulties forging friendships, and many other issues. This means it’s crucial to treat this condition as quickly as possible.

If children are not treated for ADHD, their education could suffer and it could impact their home life as well. This can lead to lasting emotional issues and loss of opportunity to develop life skills. We screen for ADHD at well-child check-ups, but if you suspect that your child has ADHD and you live near Newport, TN, schedule an appointment with Dr. Puckett, Dr. Brawley, or Dr. Sauceman at Newport Pediatrics.

Assistance with ADHD in Newport, TN

A pediatrician can help parents determine if their child has ADHD. There are a few different types of ADHD and how the condition will impact your child will depend on the specifics. If it turns out that your child has ADHD, a variety of medications may provide relief. The specific medications recommended for any given child will depend on the type of ADHD they have, their lifestyle, age, and various other factors.

Pediatricians can also help parents with communicating with their children and setting proper expectations. Empathy can go a long way when assisting children, so simply understanding your child’s condition can lead to lasting improvements.

Should your family reside in the vicinity of Newport, TN, and you need assistance with ADHD, call (423) 623-0653 to reach
Dr. Puckett, Dr. Brawley, or Dr. Sauceman at Newport Pediatrics.

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